idStudioLab is a design research community. Our work is experience-centered and design-driven. Experience-centered: we regard design as primarily aimed at improving the user experience as a whole, and technology and research as valuable means to that end. Design-driven: our research and education are aimed at developing knowledge and skills that help designers pursue these aims in design. Key elements are understanding people (users, designers, and others) and creative design skills (idea generation, prototyping) in various domains and on various levels.

Our work is inherently multi-disciplinary and this is reflected by the background of the people who work here, the fields of theory which we apply and develop, as well as the connections we have with different areas of industry.

The research and teaching are focused around User Experience in the research portfolio of the faculty, and closely tied to the MSc and BSc education (especially the MSc program Design for Interaction). It covers a wide range of aspects of human-product interaction and design methods, such as design for (each of) the senses, design and emotion, designing for specific contexts, cultures, or user groups.

IDStudioLab hosts research from different groups at the Department of Industrial Design and aims to promote cross-pollination between projects, between research and education, between making and thinking, between theory and design.

idStudioLab has about 40 active members from staff, students, and guests at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. This include professors, lecturers, research staff, PhD and MSc students. Most of them have their primary workplace in the studio spaces, some work in diverse locations around the faculty (and beyond). You can find an overview of current members on the people page.


Connected Resources at CHI2018

Iohanna Nicenboim and Elisa Giaccardi presented three interactive prototypes of "Connected Resources" and a series of videos at CHI2018 last April. These prototypes, which are the first design iteration of the RtD project [...]

idStudioLab presenting at ThingsCon

A number of idStudioLab members are presenting work at ThingsCon in Amsterdam November 30 and December 1. Keynote speaker - Iohanna Nicenboim Iohanna Nicenboim is a design researcher, focused on connected objects and their interactions [...]

  • Anna-Pohlmeyer-@Design-Salon-hosted-by-University-of-Michigan,-USA-1

Anna Pohlmeyer @Design Salon

Last weekend, Anna Pohlmeyer joined a Design Salon on Design + Happiness + Futures in Detroit. This salon was organized by Stamps School of Art and Design, University of Michigan. The salon joined a variety [...]

Participatory City Making in Rotterdam

The urban planner is no longer the single city ‘maker'. Different designers, academics, policy makers and citizens give shape to the city. The project Participatory City Making connects current top-down plans with bottom-up initiatives, it [...]


One of our two big office spaces is called StudioDream (room B-2-220). Here a 20+ of IDStudiolab members work close together, each on his/her own project but collaboration is intentionally [...]


One of our office spaces is called StudioMingle (room B-2-140). In this room about 20 IDStudiolab members work together, each on his own project but collaboration is intentionally unavoidable. The [...]


StudioTell is a representative room for running experiments.It has some whiteboard space but no screen or other media facilities. It can fit 20 people and is often booked for organising [...]


StudioShow is our presentation room. This is where we stage the LabTalks and other presentations that require a screen. It is a room that can house 20 people. The available [...]


The hallway on the second floor (B-wing) of our Industrial Design Engineering faculty leads to the entrance door of the IDStudiolab. It has one green wall and a row of [...]


StudioTalk is for data analysis and quick meetings. The room is fitted with steel whiteboard foil from the ceiling to the floor to allow for a large space to hang [...]