I am senior lecturer in the Design Conceptualization and Communication group, which focusses on researching and developing tools and techniques that support (interaction) designers in the conceptual phase of the design process. Currently my main interest is in interaction design education, with a special focus on tools and techniques for interaction design educators. Keywords: design methods and – techniques, interaction design, video techniques, experience sampling.

Video for Design Fiction (2020)

Each year around 90 to 100 students participate in the Bachelor elective Video for Designers. For their last assignment in this course the students have to produce in teams of four a design fiction movie, that shows a believable and engaging scenario of use in the near future of a new product or service that is based on an emerging or future technology. The goal of the movie is to stir discussion about the new concept rather than to demonstrate its potential greatness. Students are therefore asked to take a critical stance by showing different perspectives or implications, both good and bad, that its use might have, rather than presenting an idealized blue-sky scenario.

This year the students were presented with some extra challenges because of the Corona crisis. First, it was decided that they had to use the present situation of ‘intelligent lock-down’, ‘social distancing’ and ‘the 1.5m economy’ as the backdrop for their stories and concepts. Secondly, since they could not go out and work together as a team on location, all footage had to be shot within the limitations of their own home and its immediate environment. And finally, all collaboration had to be done online.

Like every year students could vote for the movie they liked the most. So below you can watch the winner of the Video for Designers 2020 Oscar for Best Movie award:

C-SCAN, a movie made by Samira Cheung, Max Rademakers, Noah Worden and Lisa Ye for IO3045 Video for Designers 2020.