Graduation projects 2018

Jen Liu– A Mobile Roster Application for KLM Cabin Crew at KLM :: designing a user interface concept for the KLM Roster Front-end System
Dominy Reeken– The future of collecting at KWF Kankerbestrijding :: designing new ways for KWF to increase the revenue of collecting in the near future.
Jin Li– Meaningful Gift: A website that inspires and supports people in finding and preparing gifts at Emotion Studio :: design of a website that spoorts people in finding the perfect gift.
Marloes Aben– Bringing more fresh inspiration every day at Albert Heijn: Understanding the grocery shopper’s needs during (new) product development at Albert Heijn :: design of a new approach for AH to understand the needs of their customers.
Marina Wellink– SPECTRUM: Colour conscious parenting :: design of a conversation game that facilitates discussions on race and race-related issues between parents and their children.
Myrthe Krepel– Tintelzinnen: intimate audio stories to stimulate the fantasy of elderly women :: design of an application that supports elderly women to explore various aspects of their sexual identity.
Zoé MartialRedesigning MS patient experience – it’s all about preparation at VUmc :: improving the experience of MS patients visiting the SOMSCOG outpatient clinic at VUmc.

Graduation projects 2017

Jip WarendorfSupporting citizen initiatives: The design of a platform for the neighbourhood budget of the Frederik Hendrikbuurt at Gemeente Amsterdam :: design of a platform for the neighbourhood budget of the Frederik Hendrikbuurt.
Shen Kao ChengMobile Ticketing: OV-betalen: A user-centred design vision for mobile ticketing in Dutch public transport at Translink:: Development of a design vision for mobile ticketing in Dutch public transport.
Inge BartelsImproving the school experience of children with cancer :: design of a product/service to improve the psycho-social school experience of children with cancer aged between 8 and 10 years old and the people around them during the treatment phase
Niels Lie – Lefgozers: motivating teenage boys to be involved with the Lefgozers programme at Rutgers :: design of a new platform to make teenage boys more conscious of their masculinity.
Heleen BoumaDesign for disclosure: Supporting victims of sexual violence in sharing their experiences :: design of A toolkit to support both a victim of sexual abuse and her confidant (person of trust) during the process of disclosing the experience with sexual abuse.

Graduation projects 2016

Ewoud OffenbergThe Service Recovery Experience at KLM :: design of a new service recovery experience.
Howie XieCinematics for online products at idStudioLab :: design of a new form of online product interaction, which simulates people’s real-life behaviours through interactive movies.
Kristel BreukersCreating awareness around tyre conditions at PON :: transforming the current complex and technical context of car tyres into a more accessible and satisfying experience.
Rowan TonQ: A communication platform establishing customer loyalty, using gratitude at Marqt :: design of a communication platform establishing customer loyalty for Marqt.
Milou FooleFilming Future: Designing the Interactivity of Products at idStudioLab :: design of a workshop for designers and material scientists to explore the appearance of interactive concepts.
Carmen GilhuisDiscovering the Wildlife Fund at Dierenpark Amersfoort :: Design to inspire zoo visitors to contribute to wildlife conservation.
Shuwa LeeSmartphone controlled home environments at Designit :: proposal for the integration of gesture control in the context of Smart Living.

Graduation projects 2015

Owen ThijssenFrom Big Data to Quick Decisions: Redesigning the T3 Monitoring System to Support Paediatric Critical Care Clinicians in Decision Making at SickKids Children’s Hospital :: Redesign of the interface of a clinical decision support system.
Vincent van der ToornConnecting deaf/hard of hearing students with their peers trough group work at AskRoger :: Design of a tool which helps hard of hearing students cooperate better with hearing students during groupwork.
Hui LinDesign for positive engagement on future personal financial management at Mobgen :: A design solution to support positive engagement with personal financial management (PFM) using mobile technology.
Jasper GoossensFlipshade: a design exploration into flexible electroluminescent material at TU Delft :: Exploring the potential of a flexible electroluminescent material.
Thijs SchipperDesigning a co-creation tool for narrative serious games at Ranj Serious Games :: Design of a narrative game content revision tool.
Olivier DeleyeThe new interactive retail solution for Nike running: Communicating the characteristics of running footwear in Nike stores at Nike :: Enriching consumers’ shopping experience in Nike stores when it comes to purchasing new running shoes.
Chingyi KuoDesigning intimate touch technology at Kiiro :: Development of a prototype of a female teledildonic device.
Ferdinand van oostromTransforming the experience of rush hour lanes at Heijmans :: Explore possible applications for dynamic road markings on highways.

Graduation projects 2014

Bart van OorschotStrengthening the Exact concept by demonstration of key values by means of a physical product at Exact :: Design of a physical product to accompany the online software.
Yawen DiaoUser interface of a planning and scheduling tool for oil terminals at Systems Navigator :: Desinging a new user interface of a planning and scheduling tool for oil terminal.
Bart GrambergModern Dutch Heroes, A concept and strategy for a Dutch innovation platform at Schiphol airport at Schiphol :: Developing a strategy and concept aimed at bringing the best of new Dutch innovation to the passenger at Schiphol Airport.
Maarten KarremansOptimising online candidate-recruiter interaction at Magnet.Me :: Developing a video module that improves and optimises candidate-recruiter interaction.
Johan LangendoenSnaxpert : Creating positive food-related experiences to improve the image of everyday products for childeren aged 9 – 12 at Masters that Matter :: Developing a solution to prevent overweight in 9-12 year old children using a design approach.

Graduation projects 2013

Maria ArvidssonStartup entrepreneurs vs accountants – a platform to motivate early collaboration and support at Exact :: Developing new ways to bridge the gap between startup entrepreneurs and accountants.
Mark StuderHow to integrate UX research in an Agile process at IceMobile :: Develping new ways to integrate UX research in an Agile process.
Joris van KruijssenBluebook: An interactive journal for the emotional well-being of prostate cancer patients at UserIntelligence :: The development of a successful eHealth solution that could reduce the emotional disruption among men with prostate cancer and support them with a sense of control.
Paco BusserThe story of product presentation at Anthem :: Integrating the offline and online world of product presentation.
Beatrix HägerDown the rabbit hole: A starter kit for collaborative creation :: Development of a mobile application that prepares people on working together with the help of small individual and collective activities.
Julia CalbetoKnowledge Flow Management in Design Companies: A taylor-made approach at The Cocktail :: Optimizing the knowledge flow management of a design consultancy.

Graduation projects 2012

Marloes Meerburg – The Next Generation Photo-Epilator at Philips :: Designing concepts for a new photo-epilating hair-removal system.
Priscilla HuangIntegrating the online and physical apparel shopping experience at Denim+ :: Enhancing the physical and online shopping experience of Denim+
Nur FindikDesign of Experience Sampling Tools for Reporting Student Experience in Design Education at ID StudioLab :: Monitoring the user experience of design projects.
Ralf VonckenSmartLEGO: Enrich physical LEGO play at Lego :: Exploring the possibilities of integrating smart devices into physical LEGO objects.
Xeï HulshoffDesign to decrease social vulnerability at Boog :: Decreasing social vulnerability by means of a design solution.
Ainhoa OstolazaInteractivity for the TV Experience at Philips :: Exploring new ways of interacting with the TV.
Laura de JongStimulating behaviour change in electricity consumption patterns by using social awareness based incentives in an interface design at Enexis :: Development of a user interface for an energy computer that aims at changing electricity consumption patterns by using social awareness based incentives.
Pieter HermsenThe AR Reading Lamp – augmenting paper-based reading at Waag Society :: The AR Reading Lamp augments paper-based reading by projecting digital information directly on to printed text.

Graduation projects 2011

Chengfei HeResearch & Development of Mobile Research Tool at Winkle :: Towards the next generation of consumer research tools on mobile platforms.
Sanne van der Worm Multisensory design in architecture at dp6 :: Concept development for a multisensory experience in a high school library.
Alice Mela – DryLight at Philips :: Designing new applications of embedded LED’s in the home context.
Dennis Weijens – GOLD, a training system for track sprinters at O’Sports :: Design of the user interface of a training system for track sprinters.
Igor RustBusiness Process Simulation by Management Consultants? at Accenture :: Introduction of a new approach for business process modeling and simulation by management consultants.
Daan RoksVisualization and interaction of horticulture productivity data at Priva :: The design of a user interface that support the validation and correction of horticulture labour data by greenhouse managers.
Kim NguyenSlimmer Zwanger: an interactive tool for stimulating a healthy diet pattern at Erasmus MC :: The design of an e-health tool that stimulates future pregnant couples in adapting a healthy dietary pattern and lifestyle in order to create the optimal circumstances before, during and after conception.
Jill RoelofsUsing Video in Personas at Exact :: Research into the use of video in personas to make them more empathic, engaging and inspiring.
Kasia Tabeau – Using interactives to support the museum experience of explorers in NCB Naturalis at Naturalis :: Research on how interactive exhibits can support the museum experience of explorers within the environment of NCB Naturalis.
Judith de Vries Home Product-design for retirees within the context of “ambient experience” at Philips :: Design of a product for healthy elderly who have just retired from work and are willing to spend money on comfort and ambience in their homes.

Graduation projects 2010

Meta de BestCreating a first experience for Exact Online at Exact :: Improving the user experience of the first use of an online bookkeeping application.
Celine Oomen – Functional Out-of-Home Eating at Philips :: Research into supporting healthy out-of-home eating.
Henriette Bunk – Design of a Pregnancy Home Support Product at Philips :: Design of a product that supports future mothers emotionally during their pregnancy.
Ellen Kuiper – Development of a Car Color Measuring Device at AkzoNobel
Sandra Bedaf Designing a product that has a positive influence on the mealtime experience of parents with a toddler at Philips
Frederique Lampe Development of an event calendar service that triggers people to take part in activities spontaneously at Sanoma Media
Madeleine Borthwick – Time Trace: Visual Project Management for Designers at Kiss the Frog
Sven LentzPlatform Positioner: A Dutch Railways information service that motivates passengers to spread over the platform by providing a personal boarding advice at NS
Thatcher Peskens“project i/o” – A collaboration tool to facilitate virtual design teams’ shared understanding at Industrial Design Engineering