Froukje Sleeswijk Visser


Associate Professor Service Design



I am an Associate Professor Service Design and an independent design researcher. As a design engineering student myself in the nineties in Delft, I missed the human side in designing products and developed a method to include users in the fuzzy front end of design processes in my graduation project; the contextmapping method. This method was further worked out in my Phd project ‘Bringing the everyday life of people into design’ (2009). In my current research, I investigate the roles, competences, attitudes of designers in addressing societal challenges [public service design, social design] and how to safeguard the human perspective in societal challenges, such as dealing with old age


About myself:


I work parttime in Delft, I live in Rotterdam in a beautiful house, I travel to Delft, sometimes by train, sometimes by my Kangoo, and sometimes by bike. Besides working at the university, I am an independent design researcher; ContextQueen. These projects vary from context mapping, strategy development, user research, conceptualisation co-creation, design consultancy, lecturing and giving workshops.
In my free time I relax, party, make small animations, dance a lot, play with my daughter and most of all I love travelling. Walking in nature and cities is something I love to do most of all.