idStudioLab hosts research from different groups at the Department of Industrial Design and aim to promote cross-pollination between projects, between research and education, between making and thinking, between theory and design.

There are about 40 people from various research groups of the Industrial Design department involved at the idStudioLab. This includes professors, lecturers, research staff, PhD and MSc students. Each working on individual projects but with an attitude towards sharing knowledge and collaboration. You will find an overview of our current members and information about their research, educational activities and documentation at the idStudioLab member’s page.

Our work is experience-centered and design-driven.
  • Experience-centered: we regard design as primarily aimed at improving the user experience as a whole, and technology and research as valuable means to that end.
  • Design-driven: our research and education are aimed at developing knowledge and skills that help designers pursue these aims in design. Key elements are understanding people (users, designers, and others) and creative design skills (idea generation, prototyping) in various domains and on various levels

Our work is inherently multi-disciplinary and this is reflected by the background of the people who work here, the fields of theory which we apply and develop, as well as the connections we have with different areas of industry.

The research and teaching are focused around User Experience in the research portfolio of the faculty, and closely tied to the MSc and BSc education (especially the MSc program Design for Interaction). It covers a wide range of aspects of human-product interaction and design methods, such as design for (each of) the senses, design and emotion, designing for specific contexts, cultures, or user groups.