Pieter Jan Stappers, professor of Design Techniques

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Moving C&C Online

In the Fall of 2020 we compiled materials with tips on academic writing, and reflections on our experiences with bringing the large workshop-based course C&C online. Click on the links to get the tips.

Research Interests

The focus of my research is developing tools, techniques, and methods to support design and research, and especially the interaction between design and research. Main elements in this are

Participation (the role of non-designers in design processes, especially those traditionally referred to as ‘users’) (e.g., Convivial Toolbox),

Research through Design (the role of designers and design activities within research processes: doing design to create knowledge) (e.g. the Research through Design overview chapter in the Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction), and my most recent keynote.

Visualisation (techniques to support understanding through diagrams, storyboards, infographics, video, …) (e.g., the storyboarding card set).

And often these interests intersect.

Current Projects

I’m involved in two international projects that deal with the present and future of design education.

The Erasmus+ project DoCS4Design (2021-2023) is a collaboration of the PhD educators in Design at TU Delft, Politecnico Milan, Aalto University, Imperial College, together with IIT in Chicago and Carnegie Mellon in the USA. It focuses on mapping out the diversity of PhD education practices, to support international collaborations.

The Future of Design Education (2021-) is an international initiative aimed at defining what society needs in new designers, and what educators can do to develop new design programs.

Both these projects are just starting; I’ll put in links as soon as there is a solid web presence.

Recent Roles and Projects

Director Graduate School and Research IDE (2012-2021)

Earlier CV