my interest: contextmapping, prototyping, and design in research (links in the right sidebar)

Ever since I came to Industrial Design (Engineering) as a great area for doing research if you have a diversity of interests. Mine focus on developing techniques and tools that support creative people in the early phases of idea and concept development. So I run into all kinds of incompatible disciplines and little-explored fields, where you need to integrate, e.g., aspects of perception and cognition, rich visualisation and media, expressive aesthetics, practical utility, ai (in small print, “a little Artificial Intelligence”, not a lot), understanding user context, social and cultural studies. And, as designers are aware, you can never satisfy each of the specialities if you want to create a compelling whole. Thrilling stuff, great fun, especially if you can do it with good designers, researchers and students. I am in the lucky situation to have quite a lot of them around me at ID-StudioLab.

a few of my roles

You can find some functions and CV on my TUDelft personal page.

In the faculty’s official organisation, together with David Keyson I am head of the section Design Communication and Conceptualization (DCC) in the departmentIndustrial Design (ID);

as of 2013, I am director Graduate School and Research of the Faculty Industrial Design Engineering.

At the university, I am a member of the WerkCollege voor Promoties (adjunct to the Board for Doctorates), which deals with PhD defenses throughout the university.

In education, I coordinated the MSc programme Design for Interaction (DfI) until 2013, and coordinate the master course Context & Conceptualization (ID4216, in the DfI & SPD programs), and the elective course Contextmapping Skills (ID5663).

In research, I coordinate the theme Contexts around us(e) in the User Experience (UX) Program.


Director Graduate School & Research Faculty IDE (2013-present)

Full professor, chair of Design Techniques (2002-present)

Associate professor, Design Techniques (1996-2002)

PhD on Virtual Reality in Perception Research (1992)

Assistant professor Form Theory (1984-1996)

MSc Experimental Physics (RUN, 1984)


A quite up-to-date general list of my publications can be found on Google Scholar Citations.