Writing takes practice, and some guidance. The ‘Map of Writing’ (or in full ‘Map of Reading, Reviewing, and (Academic) Writing’) contains, in a condensed form, the tips and tricks I’ve taught in MSc and PhD courses for designers this last decade. //pj

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Want more tips? Here’s a page with tips on moving a workshop-based course online, and a foldout map of Systems Thinking in Science, Engineering, and Design..

New notes on the writing tips

I collected the writing tips through many years of experience, reading, talking to colleagues, and talking with students. Many of the tips have some source somewhere, but came to me indirectly. So when I learn of a source, I add it here.

07:39 The curse of knowledge, aka ‘the orchestra in the head’ was discussed in Tim Harford’s ‘Cautionary Tales’ podcast, and appears to have originated in Elizabeth Newton’s (1990) PhD Thesis “The rocky road from actions to intentions” at Stanford University.