I am an assistant professor at the Design Conceptualisation and Communication Section. I specialise in design and research methods involving iterative design prototyping with interactive technology. In my current work I focus on applying these methods to solving problems in the area of sustainable well-being in office environments, as well as around the topic of citizen engagement and empowerment through ubiquitous technology. I have a particular interest in the phenomenon of complex adaptive systems, and as a result, also in methods and tools for designing with the internet of things (and people) or large-scale distributed networks of interactive devices.

I have a background in urban planning (TU Gdansk) and architectural design (TU Delft). Before pursuing an academic career, I have practiced for several years as an architect and architectural project manager, among others in the experimental architecture firm ONL[Oosterhuis_Lénárd]. In my PhD research at the TU Delft’s Faculty of Architecture, I investigated tools and methods for iterative designing of interactive and adaptable architectural environments. In my academic pursuits I have always aimed to maintain the link to real world applications, which resulted in co-founding a start-up company developing software for design, simulation and deployment of distributed networks of interactive devices.

In my current work I’m leading the development of the Building Occupancy Certification System (BOCS) as part of the Climate-KIC Building Technologies Accelerator (BTA) flagship programme. My main teaching involvement is in Interactive Technology Design, Interactive Environments Minor and Interaction & Electronics courses. I’m also always on the lookout for ambitious graduation students who are prepared to embark on carrying out multiple interactive design prototyping iterations throughout their Industrial Deign Engineering graduation track.