On this page you present your teaching activities in the bachelor industrial design engineering and the master programme design for interaction.

For relevant up-to-date information about the course you can link to the page in the studyguide. You can get the link to a course by searching for your course in the online studyguide, once you have the right page in your web-browser you should copy the course url from the address bar (somewhere at the top of your browserwindow) and paste it in the example html code below.

ID4220 Interactive Technology Design
Involvement: course coordinator, teacher and coach.
Course description

In addition you can include information about workshops you are given or graduation projects you are involved with (see the example below). Follow a similar procedure as outlined above for finding the url to the graduation project in the TUDelft online repository.

Graduation projects 2011

Name of your student – Title of the project at “company involved”