Welcome to my labmark!

I’m Niko Vegt. As a postdoc researcher at Industrial Design Engineering in Delft I’m currently conducting research on how interactive storytelling can be used for obesity prevention through e-health (the Healthy Storytelling project). I follow a research through design approach where the design process of interactive storytelling solutions is as valuable for gaining knowledge as evaluating them.

Previously (as a PhD candidate) I investigated how gamification can be used for social behavior change (the G-Motiv project). I specifically investigated the effect of game elements on social behavior and experiences of: players in a multiplayer game, participants in workshops, workers in a factory, and employees in team meetings.

In 2011 I obtained my Master’s degree in Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology. During my study I became a multidisciplinary design researcher (my portfolio: www.nikovegt.nl). I have an analytic attitude but value an intuitive approach. So I’m mainly interested in the qualitative side of design but with a high sense of reality. Graphics, animation, and interaction design are the key factors that shape the experiences that I try to create and investigate.

I have a broad interest in everything that is related to interaction and experience design. Moreover I’m interested in the role of design in general like design for debate and research through design. You can also wake me up for many types of sports and all kinds of music 😉