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Lab Talk – 25 March 2015 – Lea Feldhaus

AIRwareness : How can grassroots environmental groups fighting air pollution in Rotterdam benefit from Collective … Read more

Lab Talk – 18 March 2015 – Microsoft Office Design

m4s0n501 Outcome-driven design as a research methodology. Most consumer products fail because they fail to … Read more

Lab Talk – 11 March 2015 – Serena Camere

Design reviews are inspiring learning scenarios of the different perspectives of marketing experts, designers and … Read more

Lab Talk – 4 March 2015 – Jantien Doolaard

In 2013 Delft signed the E-deal, an Energy-deal in which is stated that the city … Read more

Lab Talk – 25 Feb. 2015 – Maik de Rooij

Designing for psychiatry In the new psychiatric ward of Karakter (an institution for child and … Read more

Lab Talk – 18 Feb. 2015 – Fernando Secomandi

The Interface between Design and Service Research The presentation will focus on the importance of … Read more

Lab Talk – 11 Feb. 2015 – Chee Siang (Jim) Ang

Engineering for Humanity Chee Siang (Jim) Ang The seminar focuses on the topic “Engineering for … Read more

Lab Talk – 4 Feb. 2015

Understanding & Designing with (and for) Material Traces Elisa Giaccardi, Elvin Karana, Holly Robbins, and Patrizia D’Olivo This talk … Read more

Lab Talk – 23 Jan. 2015

The design of Concept Products to explore the future of SMEsby Ricardo Mejia – – #FutureThroughDesignSmall … Read more

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Improving auditory navigation in public buildings for blind and visually impaired people

Last January 17th DfI student Xiaowei Wang graduated with ‘Audigator’, a concept for improving auditory … Read more

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