The Confession Mirror

Claire Galjart
Tutors: Mafalda Casais & Mark van Huystee

Keywords: Confessions, Mirror, Reflection, Confidence

Design Goal
Make girls (18-25) feel more confident about themselves in the toilet of the nightclub (so they will drink less alcohol).

Interaction vision
Sunbathing on the beach with your friend.

The Confession Mirror
In the women’s toilet of the nightclub there is a confession mirror. It has the same functions as a normal mirror, but this mirror shows (drunk) confessions of girls (image 1). Inside the toilet cabin there is a tablet, where girls can write their confession of a night out. These confessions are normally one sentence long, such as “I peed on my parking lot”. After 5 min this confession will appear on the mirror, so all the girls in the nightclub toilet can see it (image 2).


Final Presentation