Street Debaters

Tomo Kihara
Tutors: Stefan van de Geer & Mark van Huystee
Keywords: Tactical Urbanism, Social Interaction, Begging

Design Goal
To increase the dignity and income of people with no particular skills that is begging on the streets with the aim of connecting them back to society.

Interaction vision
Children playing on a seesaw.
It should be equal, playful, honest and apparent

Street Debaters
Street debating is a social alternative to begging that collects public opinions with coins. It aims to be the first doable step for vulnerable people without any skills to stop begging. Through evoking a friendly conversation as an equal with the passerby, it aims to recover their dignity and connect them back to society.
This research is followed a research through design approach (Zimmerman, 2007). Through multiple design research iterations that was done in co-creation with homeless people, several prototypes were introduced into real street settings for evaluation. On average, street debating earns 13.5 pounds per hour and also stops 12.5 people for a friendly conversation.


Final Presentation