De Aanbevelingskast

Iris Rattink
Tutors: Roy Bendor & Kees Nauta

Keywords: Picking books, children, helping, recommendation system

Design Goal
Stimulate children, who read books categorised as for 9-14 years old, to help others in picking books in the public library of Delft by giving recommendations.

Interaction vision
It should feel like scoring the point of the match.

De Aanbevelingskast
My final design is ‘De aanbevelingskast’, a physical recommendation system. It’s a bookcase where each month six different books are presented. Children can place recommendations when they have read one of the books and children can use the recommendations in picking a book. The recommendations are presented as smileys. There is also a folder, ‘Het aanbevelingsboek’, that contains the books with recommendations of previous months. Image Rattink5 and Rattink6 show my prototype in context.


Final Presentation


Exhibition Poster