Ben de Jong
Tutors: Wim Schermer & Rudolf Wormgoor

Keywords: Asthata, Active, Standing table

Design Goal
I want people that visit the Jessehof to feel active

Interaction vision
The interaction with my concept feels like meerkats interacting with their natural surroundings.

The final design is an active standing table, the ‘Asthata’, combined with coffee cups with a round bottom. These cups cannot be put on a regular table, but they can be placed in the Asthata. This way a user is extra attracted to the table. People stand around the Asthata and I noticed that they hold active conversations around it, with a lot of talking and body language, see DEJONG.jpg. The form of the table might also influence this activity, as it is designed to be an active table, see DEJONG1.jpg. It has an active serving posture, based on the form of the body of the cheetah.


Final Presentation