Welcome Here

Marieke van Dijk
Tutors: Wim Schermer & Rudolf Wormgoor

Keywords: Voedselbank, debts, shame, welcoming, recognition

Design Goal
Help volunteers to let clients of the Voedselbank feel welcome during the handing out moments of the food packages, in order to increase their self-esteem.

Interaction vision
Just a little spark (+ specific spark: a barista creating a heart figure in the foam on your coffee)

Welcome here
“Welcome Here” is a desk designed for the handing out process of the Voedselbank, as a replacement of the current table. The current table forms a division between volunteer and client, a barrier that disappears in the new design. This new way of handing out let’s volunteer and client stay close to each other longer and stimulates collaboration in packing the products, resulting in eye contact, smiling, physical interaction and in the end, a feeling of being welcome.