We Can Clean It!

By: Sofia Fonda

Tutors: Wim Schermer and Evert van Beek

Keywords: Legitimization, Regulation, Normalization

Design Goal
Let women 18-30 years old know they are legitimized to clean their menstrual cup in the public toilet.

Interaction Vision
Crossing the street on a pedestrian crossing.
Characteristics: normal, regulated, confident, challenging

Final Design
The soap dispenser contains specific intimate soap to clean the menstrual cup. The dispenser merges in the environment and makes it clear that the sink is the right place where to wash the menstrual cup. The sign on the inside of the door in each of the toilet cubicles allows women to go back to the same toilet after washing the cup. Together, the two products inform the cup user that she is legitimated to wash the menstrual cup in the public toilet and create an environment in which washing the cup in public is an acceptable and normal behaviour.