VORTEX. Immerse yourself.

By: Myron Wouts

Tutors: Heleen Bouma & Gert Pasman

Keywords: Collective, resonance, physical, cinema

Cinema is a rich medium with the power to touch us deeply. We love cinema as a social outing. But once the movie starts, do we really behave all that socially? This is especially true for guys aged 18-25. There is a stigma among men attached to showing and discussing emotions. Through a physically shared cinematic experience, VORTEX seeks to promote a physical and emotional friendship in which there is more space for insightful and sincere conversations.

My design goal was to trigger casual moviegoers (male; aged 18-25) to feel more actively engaged with and deeply touched by what they see on the silver screen.

The interaction with my concept should be like dancing a passionate duet.