Void: From restlessness to sleep

By: Diana Vardanyan

Tutors: Marise Schot & Wouter van der Hoog

Keywords: Relieving restlessness, sleep, interactive technology, venting

Sleeping problems are on the rise, especially among students and the culprit is often restlessness. Students are stuck at home, have fewer social contacts and feel just as stressed and anxious as everybody else because of the pandemic. As a result, they have a lot of restless thoughts at the end of the day.

Void helps students to express themselves and verbalize their thoughts by making them feel heard, comforted and understood. As a result student feels more relaxed and is able to fall asleep with a clear mind.

My design goal was to let these students empty their minds while lying in bed before falling asleep.

Interacting with Void feels like exploring an old radio: guiding, understanding, grounding and trustworthy.