The High Five incheck device

Anniek Moll
Tutors: Wouter van der Hoog & Peter Kraaijeveld

Keywords: Public transport, welcoming, responsive, personal and curiosity

Design Goal
My goal is to let passengers see conductors as the host of the tram when checking in.

Interaction vision

The High Five incheck device
Incheck device in the shape of a hand. When people check in, they hear a ‘highfive’ sound and the hand goes back and forth. This all together changes the check in moment in to a highfive gesture. People feel more welcome when entering the tram. With the picture of the conductor next to it, this welcoming feeling is connected to the conductor. This picture shows the specific conductor of the specific tram, making it more personal. Because of this picture, people will start questioning when seated if this picture is the same conductor as they have on their tram. They will become curious about their conductor and will show more interest in the conductor, making the conductor feel more appreciated. Also, because of the warm welcome when entering people become more responsive to the conductor. They are more drawn to say goodbye etc. when leaving.


Final Presentation


Exhibition Poster