The Guttie

By: Maria Geuze

Tutors: Maria Luce Lupetti and Gert Pasman

Keywords: Self-confidence, Expressive, Vigorous, Daring

Design Goal
I want the people waiting in line at the belt at the Albert Heijn, to feel confident when they are exposing their groceries on the belt in front of the other people waiting in line.

Interaction Vision
The interaction(s) with my concept should be like owning the red carpet full of confidence in an extreme outfit.


Final Design
The Guttie, is a new design divider that can be used on the belt at the Albert Heijn. The Guttie will help you “own” your intention for your groceries when you feel ashamed for your choices. Instead of feeling this tension to justify your choices, you should feel confident and vigorous. 

The Guttie consists of six different options that can be placed at the belt behind your groceries. You can take the quotes literally as they are or you can play with them. They can be double interpreted, with some irony or more straightforward. Just start having fun and own it!