The Comfort Zone

By: Amy den Dekker

Tutors: Chen Hao & Wim Schermer

Keywords: Soft, Effortless, Serene, Mesmerizing

The Comfort Zone is designed for early professionals to create a relaxed space in bed to break from their pressuring daily lives, both physically and mentally. Allowing for a moment of ultimate relaxation.

Interacting with The Comfort Zone feels like a dance between your body, water, and light at dusk: it’s soft, effortless, serene, and mesmerizing. 

First, create The Comfort Zone effortlessly with one single pull. The fabric and soft lights create a serene space that calms the mind. Next, engage in a mesmerizing experience to break from running thoughts. Change the light’s colour by making flowing movements through the touch-sensitive fabric. And finally, relax.