Emanuele Gandini
Tutors: Gert Pasman & Lydia Thé

Keywords: Blood donors, Blood receivers, Medisign, Appreciation, Packaging

Design Goal
I want blood donors to feel more appreciated after blood donation

Interaction vision
I want my interaction vision to be like a mother opening a present she received from her kids

A bottle with a visual printed on the inside of its label, which reveals a blood receiver’s face and his/her quote once the orange juice is drunk (GANDINI1.jpg).
This product involves one of the actions blood donors must do to compensate the lack of blood, and is going to be used at home since it is the moment when blood donors feel less appreciated and weaker.
The choice of orange juice is because it increases blood pressure and blood sugar, preventing donors from fainting.
Furthermore, its density hides the message when the liquid level is not high enough (GANDINI2.jpg).
Quotes are the best way to make donors appreciated because they can see how their action influenced someone else’s life.


Final Presentation