Study Break Time!

By: Milla Zlatanova

Tutors: Mark van Huystee and Jeske Weerdesteijn

Keywords: brain breaks, organization, self-control, activities

Design Goal
I want to help teenage (14-18 year old) high school students that work at their home to take better, healthier, and more meaningful study breaks.

Interaction Vision
Interacting with my design should feel like you’re on a road trip where you suddenly have to fill up your almost empty car gas tank.

Study Break Time
“Study Break Time” is a board that helps high school students reevaluate their study break habits and tries to regulate those breaks as well. When used, the student has a variety of activities they could do in lieu of spending time on Instagram or playing video games. Furthermore, it will create a fun, engaging experience that will also assist them in developing stronger time management skills! Hopefully this habit forming product can help the students take better, healthier, and more meaningful study breaks.