Studio KIDDO

Mark Janssen
Tutors: Margreet Beets & Jorik Hepworth

Keywords: Food bank

Design Goal
Create a joyful experience for clients of the food bank in Delft, right before and after they receive their food package from the pick-up location.

Interaction vision
Watching the sun rise over the horizon on a cold day

Studio KIDDO
Studio Kiddo in a mobile installation that provides clients of the food bank with an engaging activity in a dynamic setting in order to make receiving your food package a more joyful experience.
The base of the installation is made in a cargo bike so it can be transported easily and pop-up at a different pick-up location of the food bank in Delft every week.
Studio Kiddo is located directly outside the food bank and can be used by everyone. The concept had been especially been designed to be attractive for kids. Parents or other clients are motivated to join right before or after they receive their food package and to make social contact with others while doing so.


Final Presentation


Final Poster