Attila van Dijk
Tutors: Anna Pohlmeyer & Rudolf Wormgoor
Keywords: Design for children, dinner preparations, drawing

Design Goal
To provide an autonomous and playful activity for children (4-5 y.o.) after having helped cooking, so they feel valued and involved with the dinner preparation.

Interaction vision
The activity should be like putting on music while having guests.

Helping Hands: Runner
The RnnR [Runner] is a set consisting of: one washable cellulose fiber table runner, trivets with cutouts in the shape of basic ingredients and pens with washable ink . After the child has completed tasks in the kitchen, instead of being removed from the process of preparing dinner, it can decorate the dining table. The trivets can be used to make outlines on the runner to incorporate images of food in the child’s drawings. As most of the runner will remain visible during dinner, the child’s creations are a visual enrichment of the table. This allows the child to feel involved and valued by doing a playful and autonomous activity.




Final Presentation