Reframe your shame

By: Yade Heinen

Tutors: Mark van Huystee and Jeske Weerdesteijn

Keywords: Comfortable, drugstore, pregnancy test, girls

Design Goal
I want girls aged 18-25 to feel more comfortable when buying a pregnancy test in a drugstore.

Interaction Vision
It should be like dancing on your favourite song, while no one else is dancing.

Final Design
The final design is a pregnancy test that allows girls to buy a test for a woman in Madagascar and get themselves a test as well; one for her, one for you.

When unboxing the pregnancy test, the bottom part falls open immediately. The inside of the packaging allows the girls to monitor and control their pregnancy symptoms by pulling out the strips that fit their situation. The symptoms are categorized by the number of weeks after the conception. When pulling out a strip, multiple common causes for the pregnancy symptom are given to show that the symptom could also be caused by something else than pregnancy. The packaging can be kept as a symptom box, by turning the package inside out and put it back in the lid of the package.