Reducing elevator akwardness

Maartje van Proosdij
Tutors: Roy Bendor & Kees Nauta

Keywords: Elevator awkwardness

Design Goal
I want to reduce the awkwardness between strangers riding the elevator in order to make the ride

Interaction vision
Fireworks: inviting, better together, shared, uplifting

Reducing elevator akwardness
In this project I researched different elements of elevator awkwardness and ended up designing an interactive elevator. The interactive walls play sounds when touched. These sounds from nature change the ambiance of the elevator. Different parts play different sounds, which are visualized in the image on the wall. When more parts are touched, more sounds play. This way passengers can create a whole sound landscape together. The combinations get more interesting as more people take part. My design reduces the awkwardness between strangers riding the elevator and makes the ride more enjoyable.


Final Presentation