OTO – Music discovery

By: Justus Hermans

Tutors: Chen Hao & Wim Schermer

Keywords: Music, Physical, Discovery, Tangible, Sound, Living Room

My final design is a product that allows the discovery of digital music to be done in a physical way. This still allows the user to use digital streaming services, but is not distracted by visual elements in an app while using the product and does not need to use the phone or other digital devices while listening to music. 

While sitting in the living room, the user can physically use hand gestures to operate the product by touching, deforming, sliding or lifting it. Based on these actions, the product activates a change in music. This continuously changing collection of music is generated by the integrated discovery functions running on the music streaming apps. By performing physical actions with the product, you generate new music collections to be discovered every time. When you have found a song that you like, you can save it to your digital music collection with a simple operation.

Design goal: 
“I want to create a tangible music discovery experience for middle-aged and senior music listeners when sitting relaxedly in the living room while making use of music streaming technologies.”

Interaction Vision: 
The interaction with my concept should feel like exploring the environment by looking through a kaleidoscope.
Interaction qualities: Intuitive, Assertive, Curious, Explorative 

User group: 
Middle-aged and senior music listeners

Problem statement: 
On average the user group have difficulty with the integrated ‘discovery’ functions in the current digital music apps. The user group still uses music apps to play music, they do not use it to actually discover music and prefer to discover music in mostly physical ways.