By: Larissa Lehr
Keywords: Empowerment, connecting people & shared experience
Tutors: Ingrid Mulder & Wim Schermer

Design Goal and Interaction vision
The design goal:
Enable pedestrians at the Heemradsingel park experiencing very heavy rain to associate with each other through sharing a shelter which provides an enjoyable visualization of the rain.
The interaction vision:
Step 1: like dropping a glass & breaking it into countless pieces – unexpected
Step 2: close your eyes and take a deep breath – easy – relaxing
Step 3: like holding a warm cup when your hands are freezing – enjoyable – comforting
Step 4: like receiving a smile when walking on the street – subtle -rewarding
Step 5: like looking in the eyes at your friend across the room and knowing what he is thinking – shared – intimate (→ most important one).

OnlyRain is conceived to shelter from extreme heavy rain. Its purpose goes further than its functionality as the concept aims to bring people in the same situation together creating a shared experience. The design aims to give each user a moment of relaxation within the rainy unexpectedly uncomfortable walk through the Heemradsingel park. Centrally on front of both users a large metal container filled with water stands. When it is raining this container functions like a natural fountain. The users see in front of them a column of rain falling and when captivated by the water sight they can see the drops falling on the water surface. The users semi-face each other facilitating and even encouraging interaction between them, while preserving personal space.


Final Presentation