Neighbourhood Plastics

Esther van der Valk
Tutors: Stefan van der Geer & Marise Schot

Keywords: Neighbourhood, Social Connectedness, Community Feeling

Design Goal
To increase the community feeling in Blijdorp, Rotterdam by creating a clean and beautiful neighbourhood.

Interaction vision
The Game: Spiral of people

Neighbourhood Plastics
A clean-up day is organisation inside the neighbourhood. During the clean-up day the neighbours gather together and start clean up the waste from the street. The plastic waste is separated from the normal waste. After the clean up the neighbours gather together again and start collaborating to come up with one sentence they would like to leave behind for their neighbours on the tile. The plastic waste is recycled into a tile, see [vanderValk5], and the message is engraved in the tile. The tile is placed in the street, see [vanderValk6]. During this day the social connection among the participants will rise. The other neighbours who pas by the tile will read this message and will also feel socially connected towards their neighbours!


Final Presentation