Message in a bottle

Floor van Gent
Tutors: Mafalda Casais & Mark van Huystee

Keywords: Entertaining, inspiring, open-minded, at ease

Design Goal
My design goal is to make the valuable time of tourists that are waiting to enter the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam, feel useful, entertaining and friendly.

Interaction vision
The visitors should feel like children building sand castles with other kids they don’t know.

Message in a bottle
Heineken’s history told by an interactive bottle of beer. It’s competitive, friendly, ice-breaking and easy while an enthusiastic host is helping you out! Get inspired to play and learn more about Heineken. Be open-minded to interact with people and things you don’t know. Feel at ease and welcome in this waiting line and let yourself get entertained to let the time fly together. Do you know the answers to all seven questions? Good luck!


Final Presentation