In The Picture

Noëlle Lugtenburg
Tutors: Wouter van der Hoog & Peter Kraaijeveld

Keywords: family, game, pictures, prosocial

Design Goal
My design goal is to stimulate parents and young adult children (16-22) to move away from routine talks during dinner by showing interest in personal relevant topics of their family members.

Interaction vision
The desired interaction should be natural, involved, open, surprising and fun… like ‘making an unexpected stop for a nice viewpoint when road tripping’

In The Picture
The final product, In The Picture, is a fun family game that uses personal pictures related with family members and their daily lives. Through inspiring themes that are sent as daily reminders to their phones, family members take pictures that bring in new, interesting and creative conversation topics to the table.
During the game, which is played on an iPad, they guess each other’s picture using special cards (who, what for which theme and why) and explain their answers and stories behind it to each other. By doing this, they show interest and involvement in each other, get to know each other (‘s lives) better and have a great laugh together.


Final Presentation