Greetings From

Wies van Lieshout
Tutors: Wouter van der Hoog & Peter Kraaijeveld

Keywords: Rotterdam, Tourism, Locals, Proud, Gentrification

Design Goal
I want to let locals show what Rotterdam really is about to the growing amount of hipster tourists (18-35), by using their pride of the city.

Interaction vision
The local should feel spontaneous about participating in the design, natural in the contact with the tourist, personal in what story they tell and meaningful towards the tourist they are helping out.

Greetings from
Greetings from is a concept that enables the locals of Rotterdam to show tourists what their city really is about. But it also stimulates tourists to see the unique parts of the city, instead of the same trendy places that every city has, due to the phenomenon of gentrification. The concept is hosted in the KingKong hostel, which is simultaneously a coffee bar. Locals visiting the coffee bar can write about a unique/ special place in the city, on a transparent postcard they find on their table (img 7). These cards with interesting stories, can be taken by the tourists at a display next to the hostel (and bar) exit (img 6). The tourists can visit the place and reflect on their own experiences there, by taking a photograph through the transparent card (img 8). The picture can be posted on the accompanying Instagram-page or send to the local that wrote the card. This shows the locals a true result of their actions, which stimulates them to participate in the design.


Final Presentation