Greetings from your STI!

By: Sofie-Amalie Torp Dideriksen 

Tutors: Maria Luce Lupetti and Gert Pasman 

Keywords: Communication, reflection, informative, STDs

Design Goal
To make it a better and more controlled experience to tell a former sexual partner that you have an STI and that they should get checked. 

Interaction Vision
To go winter bathing (a dip in the ocean in the winter)
Characteristics: vulnerable, in control, uncomfortable, niceness, guided 

 Final Design
“Greetings from my STI” is a set of postcards. They can be used by people to inform former sexual partners that they have an STI and that they should be checked. This is done by the user filling out the postcards and sending them to the receiver by post. The cards are all sent together in a closed envelope. 

The cards include information about STIs, stickers to make personal answers, and how to deal with an STI. There is also a card that the receiver can send back to the user to inform that they have received the cards. 

The cards should help the user have a better, more guided and personal way of telling, resulting in a better experience.