Greener Cleaner

By: Antonia Fedlmeier
Tutors: Gert Pasman and Chen Hao

Keywords: Making sustainable cleaning products

Design Goal
My design goal is to make people feel assured when making and using home-made cleaning products

Interaction vision
The interaction with my product should be like cooking your mom’s spaghetti for the first time with her on the phone to guide you.

Greener Cleaner
The “Greener Cleaner” a five-piece starter kit that allows users to make their own sustainable all-purpose surface cleaner at home. It consists of a container to make the scented vinegar, a spray bottle to mix and use the vinegar cleaner, a pamphlet made out of litmus paper that contains information to stimulate a switch in mindset in addition to allowing the user to test the final concoction. The set comes with a funnel to aid in the pouring of liquids from one container into the other and finally, a wooden stand to encourage users to display the cleaning product in their homes. By guiding the user through their first experience in making a home-made surface cleaner, the greener cleaner kit hopes to encourage the development of a more sustainable cleaning habit.