FlexBox – Independently going to the cinema

By: Megan Chan

Tutors: Wouter van der Hoog and Myrthe Krepel

Keywords: Fidgeting, Movie textures, Curiosity, Excitement

Design Goal
My design goal is to increase the sense of comfort and excitement of people (age 20-30) who go to the cinema independently, while they wait in front of the cinema room.

Interaction Vision
Interacting with my design should feel like the moment you want to snoop from the favorite fresh ingredient you are cutting for a healthy lunch you are preparing for yourself.

Final Design
The FlexBox provides people that go to the cinema independently something to play with while they wait in front of the cinema room. The shape and movement of the FlexBox are perceived as fascinating and relaxing, which makes people curious about what it is. The content and material of every FlexBox are movie-related, so there are multiple FlexBoxes available for every movie that runs in the cinema. The user can take one of the 10 movie-related FlexBoxes that are available on the FlexBoard in front of the cinema room.

While the user is fidgeting with the FlexBox, different textures, materials and messages can be found. This makes every FlexBox unique and interesting, and an addition to the overall movie experience of the user.