Sarah Kraanen
Tutors: Margreet Beets & Jorik Hepworth

Keywords: Gift, preparing, stress, dinner party

Design Goal
My design goal is to let young adults easily prepare a gift they are proud to give at a dinner party.

Interaction vision
Cycling back to your home.

You buy EyeCatchy with your general gift (image 1). Before the party starts you fill in some information about the party and about the host. You share your personal EyeCatchy-link with the other guests. On the party you give the product with your gift to the host. You can explain the product to the guests and the host with some instruction cards. They can make photos of the party and share them afterwards via the link. After the party you choose five photos out of all the photos that are uploaded (image 2). These photos will be send to the host his or her home and this way the host will have a perfect keepsake of the party.


Final Presentation


Exhibition Poster