Exploring political conversations at dinner

By: Erica Brizzi

Tutors: Wouter Van der Hoog and Myrthe Krepel

Keywords: Playful, Enriching, Open 

Design Goal
I want to influence the mood to lead to a meaningful conversation about politics within a small group of friends during dinner 

Interaction Vision
The interaction envisioned with the design should be like playing chess on a Sunday afternoon.

Final Design
The final design is a wooden centerpiece that aims to make participants aware of the group mood and offer a means to express the need for changing it in a playful and relaxed way. The product is used collectively to lower the threshold in creating new combinations. Moreover, the collective effort could improve the sense of belonging and reduce personal insecurities. Finally, the possibility to have something to soften tensions could lead to fearing less of political conversations. In the following chapter, the product, its characteristics and its use are explained. The design offers five different ingredients organized on a scale visualized by the 3D texture on the surface as visible in the picture. Moreover, each ingredient is shaped differently and can be picked up by a specific tool next to it.