Jelmer Koedood
Tutors: Margreet Beets & Jorik Hepworth

Keywords: Sustainability, conversation, triggering, coffee

Design Goal
To trigger a conversation about sustainable food consumption patterns (SFC) between students in a coffeehouse

Interaction vision
A group of friends stopping to watch a street performer

Conifersation is a wooden puzzle on the table in a coffeehouse. Users make the puzzle by answering the questions that are in the puzzle (see image KOEDOOD2). The questions are about sustainable food habits. The puzzle pieces are the answers to the questions. For each question asked, there are three options (pieces, see image KOEDOOD1): a not-so-sustainable option, a pretty sustainable option, and a very sustainable option. The more sustainable the answer, the greener the piece. In this way, the end result is a greener tree when the user is more sustainable in his food habits.
Also, when the puzzle is made, more questions start to be readable. These are philosophical questions meant to further the conversation that no doubt will have started.


Final Presentation


Exhibition Poster