Can I Talk ??!

By: Meenu Sara Mathai Reji

Tutors: Peter Kraaijeveld, Jos Kraal 

Keywords: Group Discussions, Speaking, Introversion, Game

Design Goal
Help introverted speakers who want to actively participate to participate more easily in a group discussion.

Interaction Vision
I want my user to feel like a musician playing his/her instrument in an orchestra.
Characteristics: Confident, Important, Immersed, Comfortable, Motivated

Final Design
The Conquest is a game that acts as a tool to help facilitate group discussions. It helps introverted speakers to easily join a conversation by visually communicating to the group that they want to talk. In the game, each speaker has to speak three times (in no specific order) to conquer a small part of the island. Subsequently, all the participants have to finish their own three turns for the entire island to be conquered. Even if one member can’t, everyone loses a point. This creates a need for collective winning where one person cannot entirely dominate or cannot entirely be left behind.