DfI graduation opportunity: Small museums, youngsters and digital innovation

The HIDDEN GEMS project: Participation of youngsters for making digital innovation of small-museum experiences possible


Figure Hidden Gems

I am looking for a DfI graduate student (Dutch language) to develop a number of conceptual designs that can motivate youngsters to get and stay engaged with small museums. In this phase of the project, the focus is on gaining insights into the youngsters’ needs and their current barriers in getting engaged with small museums. The challenge is to then identify opportunities for aligning their needs and those of the small museums, and to develop those into conceptual designs (e.g., in the form of storyboards, movies, etc.).

We need a DfI student who speaks and understands Dutch.

Starting date: as soon as possible

More details you can find here.

The project is conducted in collaboration with the provincial heritage house South-Holland (Erfgoedhuis-ZH). The heritage house is well embedded in a network of small museums in the province and can bring the student in contact with small museums that are interested in participating. The graduation project is part of a larger project, consisting of a series of graduation projects, for which this project lies the basis.

The aim is to have a parallel project run in the province of North Brabant, through a Master’s graduation project at Breda University of Applied Sciences (Digital Entertainment department) and ErfgoedBrabant.

This is a project of the faculty’s Connected EverydayLab (Theme: Lasting Encounters).


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