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Since June 2016 I am the Director of the new MuseumFutures Lab at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. The Lab is affiliated with the  Connected Everyday Lab.

MuseumFutures Lab

MuseumFutures is a Delft Design School Lab at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (TU Delft) which focuses on exploring the future of museum experience design.

In recent years museum experiences have evolved from stand-alone experiences within the confined space of a physical museum to experiences that are embedded in journeys that start before and last until after the museum experience; experiences that are embedded in community engagement activities, or in people’s daily lives; experiences that may follow a trajectory through institutional ecosystems (including schools, care centres, etc.).

MuseumFutures focuses on the impact that such types of embedded museum experiences may have on people, museums and their relationships; we explore the role that current technology-related developments, including Internet of Things, DIY technology and Maker Movement can play in facilitating and stimulating this development.

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Current MusemFutures projects

Hidden Gems project: participation of youngsters through DIY technology, for making digital innovation of small-museum experiences possible.
External collaboration with NHTV University fo Applied Sciences in Breda, Erfgoedhuis-ZH and ErfgoedBrabant and various small museums.
Faculty internal collaboration: Ianus Keller, Margreet Beets
Current graduate students
– Rik van der Laan
– Robbert Feunekes

Makers in the Prinsenhof: developing a new type of museum related experience based on the crossover of museum experience design and the Maker Movement, that can make museum experiences have a lasting impact on visitors.
External collaboration with Prinsenhof Museum, Maakbaar Delft and Tellart.
Faculty internal collaboration: Natalia Romero
Current graduate student:
– Daniela Passa

Fine art experiences for the visually impaired: finding ways to let visitors with visual impairments enjoy fine arts in the museum, using novel technologies.
External collaboration with van Abbemuseum
Faculty internal collaboration: t.b.d.
Current graduate student:
– Lisanne Aardoom

Recent museum experience graduation projects:

  • Niels van Hamersveld (@IN10/Museon): An Interactive Installation for Museum Collections
  • Cindy Shih (@Mauritshuis and Kiss the Frog): socially engaging museum guiding system for young adult travellers visiting the Mauritshuis
  • Sophie Crull (@Museon): designing an interactive parent-and-child visitor experience for Museon
  • ChenChen Shen (@Europana): design for user engagement on Europeana Channels


Recent other projects:

My list of publications can be found on the publications page.

Example museum experience design projects

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History of experience design research projects

Designing Happy Flows: Developing a vision on how new security technology can provide opportunities for optimizing passenger flows, especially from the perspective of the passengers’ experiences; project for Air France-KLM/Schiphol International Airport; collaboration with Marco Rozendaal, Emma Gohres, and several Master students (2015).

i-PE project: Intelligent Play Environments to stimulate social and physical play with children, collaborating with PostDoc Marco Rozendaal. FES-funded project in the CRISP programme (Creative Industry Scientific Programme) (2011 – 2015)

G-Motiv project: Designing Motivation – Changing Human Behaviour Using Game-Elements; PhD project Niko Vegt on team behavior of employees in companies.  FES-funded project in the CRISP programme (Creative Industry Scientific Programme) (2011 – 2015)

EWIDS project: Extreme Wireless Distributed Systems for crowd management and control; PhD project of Jie Li on managing crowd emotions. FES-funded project in the COMMIT programme (2011 – 2015)

Dagstuhl Seminar on scoping UX (September 2010) with 30 leading international User Experience experts to demarcate the concept of User Experience and the peer review editing of the resulting common White Paper for future reference by professionals, educators and researchers in the field of User Experience design and evaluation.

Theories for UX in research and practice: Meta-research through workshops at CHI 2011 (SIG session) and CHI2012 (Workshop)

UX evaluation methods, presented at NordiCHI 2010 and at, and as tutorials at NordiCHi2010, Interact 2011, CHI 2012.

Design-Inclusive UX Research at Aalto University,Department of Design (Helsinki), Mobile Life Centre (Stockholm) and TU Delft, Industrial Design (Delft), by interviewing about 41 UX Design Researchers (ongoing since 2011).

Field test of iPod and iPad based UX assessment Tools at Science Center NEMO (October 2011)

Involved in PhD project of Joke Kort (TNO ICT) on ‘Togetherness as a user experience’ (since 2009) as part of the EU-FP7-funded project TA2. (ongoing)

TUMCAT project: Developing a testbed for remote, automated measurement of user experiences, in the Freeband TUMCAT project (with TNO ICT, TNO D&V, Noldus bv.) (2006-2009)

Usability and User Centered Design

Since 2009 EU-COSTaction-IC0904 project TwinTide (Towards the Integration of Transectorial IT Design and Evaluation – EU funded) (as leader of Working Group 4 Integrated Design & Evaluation Methodological Framework, and as Dutch representative in the management committee)

2006 – 2009 EU-COSTaction 294 project  MAUSE  (Towards the Maturation of Information Technology in Usability Evaluation) (as the Dutch representative in the management committee).

Since 2009 Parnassia Bavo Group (PBG) meets TU Delft (TUD) collaborative research project (as a researcher and coordinator)

March 2009 PhD project (dr.) at Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. Title of dissertation: “What’s the problem? Studies on identifying usability problems in user testing”.

Since 2007 Creativity Assessment of Design Methods with Children (as a member of the coaching team of PhD candidate Wouter Sluis- Thiescheffer at TU Eindhoven, Dept. of Industrial Design).

2003 – 2004 EU-funded Bridges of Knowledge Programme ‘Product safety and usability testing’n (with METU Ankara’s Utest Product Usability Unit, ESRI – Loughborough University and TU Delft, Dept. of TPM). (as a researcher involved in organizing common usability tests in the three countries, and coordinating the analysis of the data from the common tests).

1995 – 1996 Consultancy project for ABN AMRO Bank. We tested the usability and quality in use of various software packages developed by ABN AMRO for their employees and clients. Initially we used a mobile usability lab at the client’s site for these tests, later we developed a full-fledged a usability lab for them. (as a project leader of a varying group of about three usability professionals)

1994 – 1995 Various studies on legibility ATM screens for ABN AMRO bank (as a researcher).

1990 – 1995 ‘An analysis of the user interface design process; towards support for communication in design teams’ (as a member of the coaching team of the PhD candidate Tilde Bekker)

1990 Collaborative usability tests on email software (as a visiting researcher at Technical University of Budapest Dept. of Ergonomics, for two weeks. Coordinating and conducting a collaborative usability test, together with ir. Ingrid Wendel, TU Delft).

1989 – 1992 Usability evaluation methodology (Collaborative research project with TU Budapest, Dept of Ergonomics) and TU Delft, Faculty of Philosophy and Socio-technical science, Dept. of Work and Organization Psychology).  (as a member of the research team)

1989 – 1990 Usability expert views and usability tests for: PTT-ITB and for GCEI (City of Amsterdam) (as a researcher)

1987 ‘Mumedos: user interface for writing documents on a future multi media document system’ (my final Master of Science (Ir.) project in Industrial Design Engineering (TU Delft), done at Océ Nederland B.V., Venlo, The Netherlands.

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