Take on Trash for the City of Rotterdam

aankondiging DfI identity day sept 2015On September 2, 2015 the 200 young designers of the Design for Interaction Master visited the city of Rotterdam to take on the problem of trash and city maintenance.

With Bird in the Hofbogen as a basis, students worked with experts from the city of Rotterdam to solve the different cases related to containers, chewing gum, cigarette butts, food, vermon and lighting.

The day was kicked off by vice mayor Eerdmans who discussed the problem with Marcel Jongmans. After this the students went out to analyse, observe and generate solutions. With materials from the street and ScrapXL, the students made interesting solutions that were communicated in the movies below. Four solutions were selected by the City of Rotterdam for further explorations.

Press coverage (in Dutch):

Here are some images of the day by Arnoud DfI for RotterdamVerhey with a great group photo at the end of the day.


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