Research tools

Pick-A-Mood is a character-based pictorial scale for mood expression and measurement. The cartoon characters enable people to express their moods quickly, intuitively, and accurately. Pick-A-Mood consists of three sets of characters: a set with male, female, and with robot expressions.
More info: pick-a-mood

PrEmo (Product Emotion Measurement Instrument)
PrEmo is a non-verbal self-report instrument that measures seven positive and seven negative emotions. PrEmo data can be useful for evaluating the emotional impact of existing designs (e.g. for creating an emotional benchmark), or for creating insights in the relationship between product features and emotional impact that are valuable in an early design stage.
More info: diopd-PrEmo

Design tools

Negative Emotion Typology
The negative emotion typology is a database with 36 different negative emotions that enables designers to compare, analyse, and watch movies of 36 different negative emotions.
More info: diopd-Negative-Emotion-Typology

Rich Experience quality cards
The rich experience quality cards is a set with 24 cars each communicating a ‘rich user experience’ that can serve as a source of inspiration for experience-driven design.
More info: diopd-rich-experience-cards

Positive Emotional Granularity Cards
Positive emotional granularity cards is a creative tool that enables designers to develop their positive emotional granularity. Available as printed card set.
More info: diopd-pos-gran-cards

Emotion Rainbow
The Emotion Rainbow is an interactive database of products that evoke 25 different positive emotions. The tool can be used as a general source of inspiration or as a support in understanding how design can evoke various positive emotions.
More info: diopd-emotion-rainbow

TinyTask is an interactive product-service system that enables and stimulates people to engage in and reflect on new practices. TinyTask was applied to enhance subjective well-being and in qualitative research.
More info: diopd-tinytask

The [product & emotion] Navigator
The [product & emotion] navigator is an inspirational anecdotal database of over 250 products that elicit emotions. The database is structured in accordance with a basic model of product emotions and aims to support designers in developing a personal design vision that incorporates the users’ emotional concerns.