Research interest

My main research interest is in the field of design, emotion, and subjective well-being. I aim to uncover and test the principles by which product design evokes both positive and negative emotions. By examining how this knowledge can support designers in their attempts to deliberately design products that evoke predefined usage emotions, the research should contribute to a shift from intuition-based to knowledge-based approaches to ‘design for emotion’.
I am inspired by bridging the gap between behavioural sciences and design practice, and by developing tools and methods that can facilitate emotion-driven design. By publishing design case studies that explore application possibilities of theoretical frameworks, I aim to reach an audience of both scientists and designers.

Measuring Product Emotions

Emotions elicited by product design are typically of low intensity and mixed character. To measure these ‘product emotions’, a non-verbal self-report tool was developed: the Product Emotion Measurement instrument (PrEmo).
For more info, click here: PrEmo

Delft Institute of Positive Design

My current research is located at the Delft Institute of Positive Design. The institute was established to stimulate and initiate the development of knowledge that supports designers in their attempts to design for human flourishing. Check out the site for projects, tools, publications, and events: