Recommendations for usability in practice

Based on best practices I observed and was told about during the three case studies of my PhD research, as well as based on existing literature on usability in practice, developed recommendations for industry on how to organize your company if the goal is to develop usable products. There are 25 recommendations, distributed over 6 themes:

  1. Usability 101: how to define usability and assess its consequences?
  2. Team: how to assemble a team that can execute a user-centred product development process?
  3. Process: what does a user-centred product development process look like, and what methods to apply and how?
  4. Project: what are important issues for organizing and planning a user-centred design project?
  5. Company: how to organize your company so that it facilitates user-centred product development?
  6. Market: retail and marketing strategies for companies that make usable products?

This resulted in a final online version, which is now available in the form of a card set. You can download a PDF of the card set here.