Graduation projects

The graduation projects in which I am involved either are design projects following a user-centered design approach, or research projects into the practice of user-centered product development. I act/acted as a mentor in the following projects:

A Flexible and personal domotica system for apartment buildings – Dave Senden for NSpyre
Creating a tablet-based control application for domotica systems to be used in apartment complexes
(Report in TU Delft Repository)

Analyzing and improving the overall user experience for a TV‐ecosystemDavid Serras Marques for TP Vision
Towards matching seamless system concepts with user expectations.
(Report in TU Delft Repository)

Next generation Energy Light – Ruben Rosenbrand

Research and development of a mobile research tool – Chengfei He for Winkle
User-centered design of a tool for user and consumer research that capitalizes on the strengths of mobile devices.
(Report in TU Delft Repository)

Design for Usability methods selection tool – Tristan Weevers
Development of a practitioner-oriented selection tool for methods for user-centred design.
Within the Design for Usability Project.

Making a designer’s work process a source of information – Paul van Putten
Investigation into how a design process can be captured and communicated, so that it offers added value for designers. Following a user-centered design process, an interactive tool to facilitate this is developed.

A mobile device with flexible display – Jorrin Regter
Design of a user-friendly form factor for using flexible materials for a tablet for an educational context.

The inviting Ice Cream Cabinet – Saziye Çapar
A user-centred design approach towards developing a new ice cream cabinet for Unilever.

Development of a product that facilitates weight management by means of mindful eating – Esther Toet
A user-centred development project which started with a strategic exploration of the possibilities of mindful eating as a weight management and ended with the design and evaluation of an experiential prototype.
For Philips Research.

The Philips Easy Line – A Retrospective Case Study – Meike Mak
A retrospective case study into the development and market introduction of the Philips Easy Line, (one of) the first consumer electronics product lines positioned as being specifically easy to use.

Tracing the Origin of Usability Problems – Cynthia van den Eijnde
A case study in which the origin of usability problems and strengths in two product development projects in the consumer electronics industry are investigated.

Design of the peripheral equipment for high-tech professional deep-frying equipment – Chris Vos
User-centered design approach to the design of a peripheral equipment for a new deep-frying process.

How Design Can Mitigate Strategic Risks in Corporations – Xinyan Zhao
Study on how risks in customer preference change can be coped with by design.

The ‘Greeny’ User-Friendly Energy Meter– Dennis Menheere
User-centred design project for the redesign of an energy meter for home users.

Usability in practice – Liesbeth van Driel
An evaluation of usability related practices in the process of product development of four large companies.