The joy of creating something…

Following my thesis Crossing Cultural Chasms-towards a culture-conscious approach to design (2015): Together with designer, artist, and IDE colleague Mark of Huystee I made a world map, in which a selection of thirty student projects (Joint Master Projects and Graduation) are depicted. In all these projects culture played a role in various ways; in some the design goal was to connect cultures.


DDG boek

Delft Design Guide: the book (2nd edition 2020), and also available in Chinese and Japanese

Editors: Annemiek van Boeijen; Jaap Daalhuizen; Jelle Zijlstra

Graphic Design: Yvo Zijlstra

The Delft Design Guide covers a range of teaching and study perspectives, models and methods for the design of products and product service systems, basically used in our bachelor.

The book can be ordered via BIS Publishers, or online book stores such as Amazon and Bol.

For the first edition there is also a Chinese edition and a Japanese one.

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In October 2014 the Massive Open Online Course started: Delft Design Approach.

Research project

Crossing Cultural Chasms: towards a culture-conscious approach to design
This is the title of my Doctoral Thesis that I will defend January 2015. Part of the research project is the development of a tool that help designers to examine the culture of their intended users. The tool is a card set and can be found on

Delft Design Guide : online version

Bachelor Curriculum development & the design course PO2 Concept Design
Since September 2008, the bachelor has been changed due to the implementation of the bachelor-master structure and other developments outside our faculty. I was a member of the redesign team and coordinator of the new course PO2. This course was in 2009 selected by our students as the best course of that year. The first time we offered this course 500 (!) students attended (42 design tutors, about 10 design drawing tutors, about 6 technical documentation tutors and several workshop assistance for model making).



Productmagic 2002 ‘the magic of everyday things’
Productmagic presented a large overview about the stories behind products that were designed by students in our faculty. As initiator and project-leader I was responsible for the whole project. The graphical communication has been designed by Fabrique (designer: Isis Spuibroek) and has received an IF Award. Doeke de Walle designed the three-dimensional concept.

Harassment councilor
During this period employees and students could contact me for confidential support. This was an additional task next to my work as a tutor and coordinator.

Tricycle manual 157 hoog
Development of Tricycle Production As a project leader, trainer and designer I worked together with people involved in the design and production of hand operated tricycles for handicapped people. We cooperated with companies and universities in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam. Results: trained workshop employees, improved tricycle designs and production processes, an international tricycle production manual.

This Tricycle Production Manual has been distributed worldwide.

Download: Tricycle Production Manual 

Racing wheelchair
In 1990 I graduated at IDE in Delft with the design of a racing wheelchair with a carbon-fibre frame for Veldink Rolstoeltechniek BV.
The design has been presented at the exhibitions ‘Young Industrial Designers’ (Amsterdam, 1990) and ‘Made in Holland’ (Kunsthal, Rotterdam, 2010).