Master elective Culture Sensitive Design (ID5614-17). This is a double blended course, which means that IDE students follow the course both in class and online, and design practitioners and students from other schools follow the course online. I developed this course and coach the students together with another teacher. A student assistant moderates the course online.

Culture Conscious Education

Together with Willemine Biemond (coordinator of IDE International Office) I give workshops on Culture Sensitive Education for staff in courses.


Together with Jaap Daalhuizen, Jelle Zijlstra (editors) and Yvo Zijlstra (designer) we made a new version of the Delft Design Guide. The 2013 version is also available in Chinese and Japanese.

The Delft Design Guide covers a range of teaching and study perspectives, models, approaches and methods for the design of products and product service systems, basically used in our bachelor.

You can buy the book via BIS Publishers, or online book stores such as Amazon and Bol.

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In Product Design – The Delft Design Approach edX Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) I do the so called ‘sofa sessions’. In these sessions I give feedback on students’ work.

Culture is one of the area of expertise of the IPD master Advanced Concept Design (ID4110). Culture is about Design, Culture and Society; ‘the meaning of things’, from a cultural perspective in context. I am coordinating this part, and together with Eva Haagsman, Erik Jepma, and Gert Pasman, I support students in doing a cultural study.

In the bachelor elective course Design and Cultural Impact I coordinate, act as lecturer and coach.

In the introduction master course Manage Your Master (for all 1st, 2nd and 3rd master students) I do a pitch about the importance of being culture sensitive in education and design, and together with Willemine Biemond I give a workshop on the same topic.

For many years now, I coach Graduation Projects (all masters, specifically IPD and DfI) ID4215. Depending on the project my role is chair or mentor.
The picture shows the gradation result of Heleen Willemse (2005): A child-, parent and nurse friendly incubator ‘the Babybloom‘ (is on the market!).

Joint Master Project ID4040: coach and detached critic
I love to coach so called ‘Base of the Pyramid projects’. The pictures above are from the Hebi Base student group: a redesign of the Van Hemel Baby Incubator for rural hospitals in developing areas.

International Design Opportunity ‘i do’ in Hong Kong: lecturer, coach and researcher. From 2005-2010 every summer (June-July), the PolyU in Hong Kong organised the International Design Opportunity, with IDE as a cooperating partner.

activities & interests:

RESEARCH ‘gaining in depth knowledge to support education’
TEACHING ‘explaining others helps to sharpen my own thoughts’
COACHING ‘guiding designers to find and reach their goal is fun’
ASSESSMENT ‘grading forces me to define a reference for the required quality’
COORDINATING ‘providing a fruitful learning environment for my topics of interests is teamwork’
CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT ‘creating new courses is creating opportunities for improvement’